Glenda Augustine

etc.venues Monument, London,
21 January 2020

Industry expert

Glenda Augustine

Glenda Augustine

Head of Intelligence Programme, RightCare, NHS England and NHS Improvement

Glenda Augustine is Head of Intelligence Programme for RightCare, with responsibility for leading the development and delivery of evidence informed tools and resources to support local health economies reduce unwarranted variation in outcomes, quality and spend. Through collaborative working with National Clinical Directors and key stakeholders transformational change is driven by the innovative application of data, evidence and knowledge. 

Prior to joining the RightCare programme in November 2017, Glenda was a Consultant in Public Health. She feels that her transition to RightCare is closely aligned to the work of public health, with the ultimate aim of reducing health inequalities, improving population health outcomes and increasing the quality of care provided with impact at the individual level.

Glenda also has a long-standing interest in Haemoglobinopathies having worked in this clinical area for a number of years and she is currently chair of the National Sickle Cell and Thalassaemia Advisory Group.

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