Frances Divers

etc.venues Monument, London,
21 January 2020

Industry expert

Frances  Divers

Frances Divers

Cardiology Nurse Consultant NHS Lothian, Scottish Government CR Clinical Champion

Frances Divers is a Cardiology Nurse Consultant and Lead Cardiac Rehabilitation (CR) Clinician at NHS Lothian in Scotland.  She has worked in the field of Cardiology for over 35 years and has dedicated much of her career to Cardiac Rehabilitation services.  Frances has been involved in the development of local, national standards and guideline development and is key to implementation at both local and national level.  She has developed good working relationships and works closely with agencies outside the NHS such has British Heart Foundation and Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland to promote and move forward key innovations.  

In December 2014, she was appointed Scottish Government’s Clinical Champion for Cardiac Rehabilitation in Scotland, with the main objective of driving forward the CR modernisation agenda set out in the Heart Disease Action Plan 2014.

The purpose of today’s session is to showcase the development work so far and share the lessons learned. 

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